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Brand: Equality fragrances
Creative Direction: Lukas Goerlitz, Basti Fischer
Photography: Lennart Ritscher
DOP: Lennart Ritscher
Editor: Sergei Dobrovolski @sec.studio
Super 8: @aldoheubel @jonilettmann
H&M: @mirijpg @clarasophiet
Styling: @joyhannes.ily
Assistant: @fredericelfeld
Talent: @gogo4cash
Location: @claerchens_ballhaus
Huge support of: @thewaitressiswaiting @nele_marie_s

equality. a child’s mind is intended to be an inspiration. an inspiration to explore the beauty and joy in living our everyday lives. rediscovering this seemingly forgotten energy that is in truth always present and hidden in the depths of our cells. letting it become a dance of life of reconnecting to our pure souls, to reopen our curious eyes, and to once again, see like a child’s mind sees.